Chi Humm & Cornel Hecht

It is easy to associate german music to “Krautrock” like Can or Amon Düül or electronic music like Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream. So why not combine these two to create something new ? This is how we created the new music style called “Kraut Chill Out”.


The Krautrock icone Chi Humm was working with famous artists like Chris Karrer - Amon Düül - and Abi Ofarim and Funky Family. Now she lives on the mediterranean coast in Spain where she played with Childo Tomás. Bass of Omar Sosa, Nacho Belda, guitarist and Grahame Shephard, Sax. She composed her own songs for her project “Amor de Kuan Yin“.


In 2016 Chi met Cornel Hecht, producer and electronic designer, who got attention in the past with a coproduction with the founder Of Yello - Carlos Peròn. Cornel also designs and creates electronic music instruments and synthesisers, so he influences the future of electronic music individually.


The Duo presents for the first time the outcome of the new collaboration within the concept of “Kraut Chill Out” with “HAPPINESS”, this song invites dreams to come true and exotic relaxing sounds surround the listener like a cooling breeze on a hot summer day on the beach.

For HAPPINESS we created a promotion video in Vietnam and Spain. the song was mastered by the expert Joel Evenden in London, who also mastered productions of Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart or J.J. Cale.


Chi uses the song HAPPINESS in her chill out program in the hotels of the spanish coast every week , and tourists of all nations like it and sing along with it.

6 Mixes include!

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